Grunestadt, A class warehouse, is located in Zelenograd administrative district of the Moscow city 16 km from Moscow and international airport Sheremetyevo. The warehouse has enough space to store of goods on 16000 pallets and furnished with up-to-date racking and handling equipment. Warehouse complex Grunestadt was built and commissioned in 2008.

The warehouse is managed using automatic computer-aided system WMS. The warehouse management system allows render full high-quality secure storage service and cargo handling. Our handling services include provision of reports on customer demands, marking, disposal, packaging and repackaging. We implement inventory control techniques in secure storage which allows us to ship quickly consignments of any volumes lots, pallets, pieces etc. Loading and unloading operations are carried out by skilled staff.

The company offers reliable and effective transportation services including freight-forwarding services for the delivery of goods to the customers, arrangement of single and regular cargo transportation on individual orders.

Professional staff renders full services in logistics and international cargo transportation. Grunestadts business activities are all of this: deliveries by truck, air and container carriage, the formation of cargo, operations through consolidation terminal, customs clearance, certification and insurance of goods. Our employees have strong practical experience (over 15 years) and it recognized by leading experts in logistics, foreign economic activities and warehousing.

We provide highly customized solutions that meet our client's specific storage, handling, logistics and transportation requirements, prices and payment methods.

The construction of the second stage of the Gruenestadt

In May 2011 construction began on the second stage of the warehouse class A Gruenestadt. The total area of all three parts of the project on 9 hectares of land near Zelenograd in the future will be more than 45 thousand square meters.

Gruenestadt will take part in the exhibition TransRussia 2011

Warehouse Gruenestadt will take part in 16th international exhibition Transport and Logistics TransRussia 2011. The exhibition will be held from 26 to 29 April 2011 in the pavilions Expocentre (Moscow, Russia). Gruenestadt will be in the pavilion 2, Hall 3, Stand C-635.

Grünestadt sums up the work on TransRussia 2010

Warehouse Complex Grünestadt took part in the 15th International Exhibition on Transport & Logistics TransRussia 2010. The stand was located in the 1 pavilion Expocentre and called adequate interest from the industry professionals. Warehouse Complex Grünestadt took part in the 15th International Exhibition on Transport & Logistics TransRussia 2010. The stand was located in the 1 pavilion Expocentre and called adequate interest from the industry professionals. The main objective of participation in TransRussia 2010 was the presentation of complex Grünestadt as a new player in the warehousing and logistics services in the Moscow region (the complex is built and put into operation in 2008). The purpose of the presentation - to inform potential clients about the company, its competitive advantages, particularly in the services provided in secure storage, as well as to confirm the position of the Grünstadt as a reliable partner in the sphere of international cargo. At TransRussia 2010 tasks in general have been achieved - the company's specialists have been received interesting proposals on cooperation.

Gruenestadt offers secure storage

The site Gruenestadt open section "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)", which describes the benefits that accrue to our clients using the secure storage services. It also provides useful information on logistics and additional storage services, explained in detail features of Class A warehouse complexes, reveals the dignity of modern technology automated warehouse management systems (WMS).

Gruenestadt at the exhibition Moscow region - 2009

In the Moscow Crocus Expo from 23 to 26 September 2009 hosted an international inter-industry exhibition-presentation "Moscow region -2009", dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of the Moscow region. Participated in the exhibition company Gruenestadt, whose exhibit was placed on the stand of Solnechnogorsk district.
In accordance with the order of the Governor of Moscow region Gromov B.V., Moscow region government spends six international exhibition-presentation of Moscow district. The task of the exhibition was to promote a positive image of the Moscow region as one of the leading regions of Russia. Moscow on Russia's third largest volume of investments made in recent years sold more than a thousand investment projects. Company Gruenestadt presented at the stand own warehouse complex class A, logistics and secure storage services.

Website Gruenestadt

An Internet site opened in July 2009. The new site has a clear structure and easy navigation, the content is duplicated in English, all kinds of feedback.
Potential customers by Internet may obtain current information about the company, becoming acquainted with the services of logistics, secure storage and transport. The interactive format allows you to make a preliminary assessment and to expedite the harmonization of the order.

Secure storage from the perspective of business leaders

Secure storage of goods is a complex operation, implying the services of placement of goods in the warehouse of our company. Secure storage makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of maintaining the logistics chain, to optimize the work and interaction with warehouses, as well as to obtain maximum flexibility to use existing storage facilities. Contacting Gruenestadt and you can get:

- Economic benefits that you get due to the fact that the warehouse Secure storage can reduce your financial, time and management costs (calculated only for the actual area, an opportunity to test different markets without their own capital costs, efficiency in decision-making to change the venue and date for storage goods, according to seasonal sales of goods).
- Services of custody can not think about where exactly to place the goods, and to engage in the core business of the company, repeatedly increasing its own profit.
- Secure storage of goods in our warehouse possible to reduce the tax burden by obtaining the appropriate tax deductions, as well as reducing the cost of personnel, in particular, contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia, the payment of social tax and other costs.
- External storage services allow you to not think about the management staff of its own logistics department, make it possible to simplify the accounting and personnel management, and to take more accurate strategic management decisions, not wasting their resources on routine operations.
- Our warehouse Gruenestadt in the Moscow region offers highly trained professionals with many years of experience and practices to address situations of any complexity. Secure storage of your goods is made by professionals in optimal conditions: no surprises - just a quiet work, which allows you to feel fully confident in the level of warehousing services.
- Secure storage of goods in stock the class A allows you to provide them with 100% safety, perfect condition and complete protection against both the impact of external conditions and other factors that could affect the quality of storage.
- Secure storage and other storage services are provided with complete confidence, so you get an additional level of protection of marketing and strategic information of your company.
- Facilities for storage are performed in full accordance with the Russian legislation and applicable regulations in this area; promptly provide a full package of accounting documents. As you can see, for safekeeping is optimally built a business process, which is owned company Gruenestadt. At our skilled professionals can safely and get the above benefits. The ongoing transition to the services of custody anyway exercised by many American, European and domestic companies interested in optimizing their work and improving the profitability of business processes.

Secure storage your opinion

First thing done after your decision to use our warehouse and secure storage in Moscow is a conclusion of the contract. Contract data entered into the database as the direct instructions for the delivery of safe custody. They formed the basis of the priorities of work, conditions of storage of various goods and other parameters of service delivery and warehouse complex. Sampling data on the secure storage of goods shall be presented in a report, allows to obtain statistical data, which can lead to management decisions, optimize the structure of your costs. As you can see, secure storage of goods carried by an individual plan for each client: our warehouse secure storage work that way, as if he was your property and managed to external managers. After signing the contract for secure storage begin substantive work. You are forming and send us an application for each new delivery. With WMS, as well as in the future on the basis of modern web-technologies, you will be able to do so via the Internet (directly from your office or from anywhere else you can use the network and securely log, for example, working with a laptop on the road). Warehousing custody will include web-based interface that allows get information about all applications and products stored in the warehouse. The scheme of the secure storage of goods will further simplify and expedite the work: you can order services of secure storage without interrupting ongoing cases. Specific issues in the provision of secure storage consideration of the characteristics and specifics of each product, for example: respect for the proper temperature, the shipment of goods on shelf life, the definition of compatibility and so on. Warehouse logistics complex is different in that it produces secure storage sufficiently large number of different types of goods, and therefore becomes especially important, optimizing the holidays and accurate records of individual parameters. Our warehouse facility is equipped with WMS system allows to build and implement different strategies for storage and shipment. For example, FIFO (first come - first out) for proper disposal of products with short shelf life, which is especially important for those who use our warehouse as a point of shipment of goods in trade networks with strict rules of reception. Great importance for business planning is flexible and transparent billing, which allows high-precision set - how many are integrated warehousing services. One of the merits of our billing system and warehouse complex class A Gruenestadt is the high degree of operational management processes, in particular, the accounting of certain contingencies (late your transport) and flexibility in the real location of priorities, which in its turn, means minimizing the delays caused by non-standard cases.

Secure storage: a question of confidence and optimize business processes

If just ten years ago, the question of responsible use of secure storage of goods was only for very large companies or in the relatively rare situations. Today it is important for every businessman whose business is directly dependent on the supply and storage of goods (freight). In fact, this is a new level of logistics of interaction: since the services of custody can guarantee the safety and timely delivery of your product while you do not need to build, to complete, certify, equip and administer its own warehouse facility. Secure storage makes the business more flexible and efficient to develop in line with the market situation. Warehouses in the Moscow region can realize secure storage of goods for any company regardless of its size and the specificity of cargo. Easy administration secure storage and additional services (in particular, delivery and advanced logistics capabilities) allow us to do business not tied to real estate and routine. That is to increase its outreach and communication component. As is known this part provides most of the profits and, therefore, you have the opportunity to use the safe custody for their own solutions to any problems, regardless of their predictability and the degree of planning. In addition, secure storage can quickly deploy business in Moscow and Moscow region, if your main office, manufacturing and warehouses are located in other regions.

Secure storage and additional services

Warehouse and logistic complex Gruenestadt is known among our customers in the market of secure storage services and is renowned for an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner. By ordering our services secure storage of goods or other storage services you get a guarantee of good faith performance of all works, personality, approach, understanding your business processes and create optimal conditions for their organization and conduct, as well as an attitude. Our priority is beneficial cooperation with you. If you have any questions on the secure storage services, maintenance equipment storage facilities, construction of logistics schemes, the cost of our services or especially the provision of additional storage services, just call +7(495)647-7883. Our specialist will answer all your questions and help prepare a business offer for you with the calculation of custody services to meet your needs. Additional services custody
You can order not only directly responsible storage of goods in our warehouse class A Gruenestadt in Moscow region, but also additional storage facilities for handling goods, such as packaging, sorting, labeling and staffing, as well as reconditioning. If you regularly use these services or you want to process a large quantity of cargo, Gruenestadt offers discounts and forms for you to complete reports of workload. Location of warehouse complex
Our warehouse class A Gruenestadt providing custody services is located 16 kilometers from the Moscow. It allows for convenient access road vehicles and gives you adequate prices for storage services rendered. Clusters warehouse located in the north of Moscow in the direction of Zelenograd which is very useful when working with cargo from St. Petersburg and so on. Our warehouses have category A (class A). The project has more than a high-quality execution and "locked up" tasks precisely under the secure storage and services of such goods as consumer electronics, home appliances, consumer goods and so on.

Warehouse class A - what is it?

Warehouse category A (class A) includes several requirements that can provide high quality warehousing:

- Warehouses Gruenestadt in Moscow region is a modern building built in 2008. There are architectural design and the materials of the building the modern and high quality and available at the time of construction.
- Total area is 14 thousand square meters (warehouse facility consists of two buildings), the maximum amount of storage is 16 thousand pallet, height of the building allows you to set several levels of shelving equipment. Storage services are using the most modern technology.
- The floor is flat, made of concrete and covered with a protective anti-dust coating that is implemented by highest standards.
- Your goods for safekeeping protected by modern high-performance fire-extinguishing system.
- Round the clock video surveillance excluding any contingency.
- Responsible for warehouse storage is implemented in a protected area, access by unauthorized persons completely excluded.
- For your convenience our warehouses in the Moscow region are equipped with a guarded parking lot.
- The entrance to a warehouse complex conceived specifically for heavy transport and tracks.
- Secure storage made with full climate control: all the gates are installed thermal curtains, in rooms maintained the required temperature and humidity regime of central air conditioning.
- Offices are in close proximity to stores, what makes storage in the most optimal scheme and almost instantly provide all the necessary documents.
- The warehouse complex having own backup power system. It is allowing full functionality to maintain storage and maintain the quality of the responsible storage even in case of accidents on trunk power lines. Offline electric circuits warehouse in the north of Moscow also allows for complete security and full functioning web-solutions for any problems or accidents on the line.
- Web-solutions to get data from the warehouse secure storage and execute applications on-line, located on modern high-performance servers that use high-speed fiber optic data feeds, which guarantees the highest quality and always available network services relating to custody. Rating system stability are "four nines" (including the planned preventive works took no more than three hours per year).

Business processes using the WMS

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a system for controlling and automating storage processes. WMS has the following tasks.
Organization of acceptance of goods for storage Transfer for safekeeping fully implemented in real time as they become available goods. We used as traditional paper-based media and modern communication devices to ensure maximum coordination of rapid and, as a consequence - to expedite the processes at the warehouse complex. At the organization receiving the goods for secure storage all positions are provided with identification bar codes, if necessary the identification incoming cargo for a report, checks the data and fidelity to provide necessary documents for storage.
Secure storage with WMS: the maximum fast work WMS lets you organize the responsible storage as a staff-monitored and in the automatic mode, flexibly adjust the rules to optimize the storage warehouse operations, as closely as possible to place the goods in accordance with its specificity and prepare for responsible loose cargo warehousing. WMS enables the use of warehouses in Moscow as transit or trans- shipment of goods to provide for the continuation of the logistics chain. Warehouse class A Gruenestadt allows you to simultaneously perform shipping and receiving goods, observing all necessary formalities and regulations without losing of your time. Our warehouses are always available all the necessary components to provide services for secure storage. All details and all supplies needed to provide warehousing services carefully recorded by automated systems.
Loading / Unloading of goods when using WMS WMS enables optimal allocation of tasks to address issues of staff, coordinating the processes of loading / unloading of cargo handling at the moment. Automated warehouse management system optimizes the schedule for loading and unloading operations and subsequent operations with the goods, taking into account all your requirements and priorities. Loads are responsible for warehousing arranged and combined in sequence of delivery. Our warehouse confirms the shipment and closing operations. Coordination mechanisms for loading and unloading (as in the case of the transfer of goods for safekeeping) carried out using the modern communication integrated with other warehouse equipment. Each loading (or unloading) operation will be accompanied by a full package of documents on request. Our storage services for secure storage of goods supported the automation of tracking the movement of containers. WMS allows you quickly to produce partial or complete inventory, flexibility in implementing trans-shipment, movement of stock and a breakdown of the party, plan movement of goods (including mass displacement), optimally manage container traffic. Ultimately, ordering us for secure storage, you get the services of a professional team and warehouse complex class A, working like a clock, saving the costs of business processes. Implementing a similar system in the warehouses class A are in your property is a very long and expensive procedure, which really pays off only when large amounts are of the storage services.
Benefits of the introduction of WMS stock secure storage
- Delete the dependence on the human factor, that is to minimize the risks of accidents caused by possible staff errors.
- Detailed control over the accuracy of orders for the provision of custody services. On the one hand, operates an internal quality control, and on the other hand, you always have the opportunity to independently verify the quality of custody and the progress of the work on your application.
- You can get all the information on the performance, movement, supply and availability of goods for safekeeping in real time from anywhere in the world where there is access to the network and the ability to secure authorization.
Address storage, on the one hand, simplifies inventory and search for the appropriate product (reducing the time operations of custody) and on the other hand it provides the desired level of privacy services warehouse complex.

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